Making Alexstrasza great again...

We're always open to meeting new players of all kinds. If you're a skilled player interested in mythic level raid progression in an enjoyable positive environment Zafirah may be for you.

If interested in joining Zafirah's raid team please contact any of the officers below in-game.

Currently looking for a Hpally and Shadow priest. Discipline priest and unholy/frost Death Knights will also be priority for consideration.

Raid Needs:

Paladin / Holy
Priest / Shadow, Discipline
Dirty Rogue
Death Knight/Unholy, Frost

Chelys - Alexstrasza

Guild Master

Awedorable - Alexstrasza

Raid Leader / Officer

Sambucca - Alexstrasza

Banker / Officer

Svengunther - Alexstrasza


Akirtai - Alexstrasza


Aeryana - Alexstrasza