US - Alexstrasza


Chances are you were hanging out in Boralus and spotted the resto druid Hoppz. You were probably like "Wow... that's the legendary Hoppz! No wonder she's Ryn's soulmate!" You may have overheard townsfolk talking in /say about how she's on the verge of stealing Aeryana's groupies. No need to fear... there's enough groupies & creepers for everyone! Perhaps you're intimidated by Hoppz' ridiculously high HPS. It's okay, you can start as an Aeryana groupie and work your way up to Hoppz! Just look at what people are saying below...

"We don't have enough pets in raid"

Aeryana - ZAFIRAH

"She's in the kitchen, where she belongs"

Svengunther - ZAFIRAH

"My SM :)"


"Aeryana 'forgot' to log"

Onemandonkey - ZAFIRAH

"Hoppz, go resto for this one"


"I blame Hoppz"

Turunede - ZAFIRAH