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AERYANA CALLS OUT THE LEGENDARY DEGOM (if he even exists beyond only tales and hearsay)

Just kidding... lol, nothing to see here


Chances are you were running some daily world quests, raiding LFR, or running mythic keys and spotted the holy priest Aeryana. You were probably like "Wow, this priest is fairly adequate." You were so filled with feelings of adequacy you decided to head on over to Aeryana's fan page. That's right! Whether you're a heavy hitter in top tier progression or a Boralus creeper which positions themself behind me and emotes /lick, there's more than enough room for you to become an Aeryana groupie! Join the double-digits of folks who have already taken to staring at me from across Tradewinds Market. Perhaps you're just an admirer but are too intimidated to become a groupie. No reason to fear! All you have to do is join me at my usual spot across from the flight master in Tradewinds Market and tell me about how great I am. You can talk about my heals, my transmog, even my dance moves! I appreciate all constructive criticism so long as it's confined to how ridiculously awesome I am. Just look at what people are saying below...

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"Aeryana is a dirty priest"


"I lifted my leg and peed on Aeryana"

Svengunther - ZAFIRAH

"Holy is gay"

Thisismydk - ZAFIRAH

"Reminds me of my
ex girlfriend"

Çritålöt - Agents of Change

"Never gonna give you up,
never going to let you down..."

Awedorable - ZAFIRAH

"...Heals are spicy AF"

Chiips - ZAFIRAH

"Eldery asian woman that
doesn't know how to cast Fort"

Turunede - ZAFIRAH

"Aeryana's secret is healing pets"

Anoxanubis - ZAFIRAH